Moving to a new school is already difficult, how much more when it is to another country. There are tongs of things that you have to prepare and pack for. You might want to just bring all your things but that would be a hassle. You have to choose what you only need and leave behind unnecessary stuff. Here are some tips on how to pack smartly for your new school and a new home.

Clothes to Bring

Always consider the weather in the area you’re moving into. Take your furry jackets if it’s winter, or your sleeveless outfits when it’s summer. Research on how each season is in the country, as your expectations might not match the actual conditions. Always remember to keep it light and only bring what you need to. If you have a backpack, take it with you. It will help you stay light. 


Your essential documents will keep you from spending an unnecessary amount of waiting. Make sure that you bring a valid document copy that will be accepted to prove your identity. It can be a passport, ID or any documents which serve such function. Separate it from your other things and try to not keep it out of your sight and mind. Also, make sure to bring anything that contains your personal information such as address or contact information. 


If you have it, make sure to take your phones and laptop with you. This will save you from spending a huge amount of money by buying another set of it in the new country. Chargers and extra battery packs are essential as well. Always remember to take adaptors that suit the country’s plug outlet, as it may not be the same as the ones at home.

Keepsakes from Home

A few items from home can help you adjust to your new home. Your favorite book or a photo with your family can help. 

Most importantly, what you need to bring would be yourself.

Be adventurous and explore the new horizons you’ve pursued. Uplift your independent spirit and couple it with the courage to overcome the new challenges you’re facing in life.