Who would believe that a robot that is built for space is actually needed by its home planet? An engineering professor from the University of California – Berkeley by the name of Alice Agogino was tasked by NASA to invent robots that can explore planets and other heavenly objects. However, she has perused an article that made her realize that her army of robots can be more helpful here on Earth. 

How can these squishy robots be more helpful in Earth than in space?

Robots have been very helpful to rescuers for many years now. They have contributed a lot during the 9/11 attacks, and a number of natural calamities like typhoons, landslides, floods, volcano eruption, and even nuclear leak. But according to robot and engineering experts, these squishy robots can be very promising during tragedies.

Murphy cited that the flexibility, mobility, and the various sensors of these squishy robots makes it very beneficial during disasters. They are really small yet terrible. They are tiny and gentle enough to fly while keeping their sensors intact. It also has a wireless communication capability to transfer data it collected easily. And because they are squishy, they can be very mobile and can withstand any condition. 

The future of these squishy robots

The developing team behind these squishy robots have a lot of plans for their invention. They are planning to put propellers on them so that they can work like drones. They also received some appeal to give them the ability to float. This way, it can be very useful during flooding and rescues on the water. 

Robots are really a great help to our today’s society, especially that technology has overtaken our lives already. That is why it is really great that we can use robots to lessen damages and save more lives in times of disaster.